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We understand that traveling internationally can be a stressful task for many especially if it is there first time. This page will contain all sorts of information that we have found helpful in the past and we believe will be helpful to you as you come to visit us at Bethanie. Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list of ways to travel or the exact thing you should do. This information is more of a general information page, than a step by step instruction list.

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Navigating Airports/Transit

  • Navigating Airports/Transit
    • Each Airport is different and will have different layouts, but there are some constants you can rely on in most (if not all) airports in the area.
    • When you arrive at the airport you’ll want to look for the baggage claim/exit (sortie in french). The baggage claim will always lead you right to the arrivals. Where you can be picked up.
    • Some airports have a metro/train stop attached (i.e. CDG) and others have designated areas for taxi/uber pickup areas. The best way to know this is by looking for signage in the airport. For example, if you are looking for the metro connection at CDG, follow the metro signs until you reach the metro station
    • We highly recommend looking this info up before arrival and making a decision on how you will be getting to Paris or Bethanie before arriving in the country.

Getting around Paris

  • Paris is a beautiful city and there are many ways to explore it. There are a few ways to navigate the city.
  • The Metro is a wonderful option and is typically the cheapest form of transit around the city.
  • Another option is using Uber/Lyft or other ride-sharing apps or a taxi. This can be a very convenient way to get around the city. Just keep in mind prices can surge at times and it can get expensive at times.
  • Walking. If you have the time/desire, Paris is a beautiful city and has many picturesque views, restaurants, and landmarks. It is a very walkable city and we highly recommend exploring if you have the time and want to get the steps in!

How to get to Bethanie

  • There a two main ways to get out to Bethanie, The first is by train (to clarify the train is different from the metro). There is no train that takes you directly to Bethanie But there is a train that will take you to a neighboring town named Lisiuex, where a member of our team can pick you up.
    • You can take a train from Paris to Lisieux by heading to the Saint Lazare train station in Paris.
    • Purchase a ticket for Lisieux. Tickets can be bought at the station or in advance online. Make sure to check the departure times.
    • The train journey from Paris to Lisieux usually takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on the service.
    • Once you arrive at Lisieux, one of our team will pick you up from the station. Please be sure to be in contact with us before arrival to schedule pick up times!
  • You are also able to use your own rental car if you desire to get out to Bethanie

Cell Phone Carrier Options

  • There are a few options regarding cell phone use while abroad.
    • You can just use wifi and leave your phone in airplane mode to avoid extra costs. (this will mean you wont have use of cellular data while in the country)
    • You can check with your carrier and see what their international options are. Most carriers will have service that will connect if you have data roaming on on your phone. This can vary by carrier, but some will automatically charge you per day when you connect to a French cell tower. (Verizon’s is $10 a day for a certain amount of data)
    • Another option is using a new SIM card or an E-SIM (this depends on the age of your phone) This can be the most cost effective option.
      • ESIMs will allow you to have Cellular Data, but will rarely let you use your phone number. that basically means that phone calls and SMS texts wont work, but everything else will (iMessage, Whatsapp, Messenger, Maps, etc).
  • Guidance on how to install E-SIMs



  • Do I need to exchange currency?
    • While it might be good idea, it is not typically necessary. Most anytime you need to purchase something, you can use Tap to Pay with your phone or card. (Note on tap to pay over 50)
  • Will my cell phone work when I arrive?
    • Yes, but it may charge you. Definitely check with you carrier before arriving.
  • Will someone be able to pick me up from the airport?
    • While we will help as much as possible and want you to love you travels here, we will not be able to pick people up from the airport.
  • When is the best time to book tickets?
    • We highly recommend booking tickets at least 2 months in advance as anything sooner than that can start to get very pricey.
  • How should I pack?
    • While France can mild, most summers the tempeture can get fairly hot. There are occaisional heat waves as well that can reach up to 100 degrees farenheit. That being said Bethanie does NOT have airconditioning!
      So please pack clothes for if it get hot. 
  • Will My Electronics work?
    • Yes, but with a caveat. You will need a power convertor. If you do not have one of these it can destroy your electronics. To specify, you need convertor not just an adapter.
  • Why when I book trains and flights in the EU does it have times like “06:35” or “17:45”?
    • Europe tends to use the military clock for most written times. Be sure to double check the tickets you are getting in the EU before you purchase them, as to be sure you are getting them for the correct time. (i.e. 06:00 is NOT 6:00 PM)


  • Trainline
    • This app is helpful for purchasing train tickets
  • Google Maps
    • Google Maps is best for navigating in EU as it has fewer errors than Apple Maps
  • Google Flights
    • While not an app, we love using Google flights to find deals on flights to Europe
  • Metro Paris – Map & Routes
    • This app is just a map of the metro in Paris. it has some interactive features, but it mostly functions as a way to visualize where you are on the metro
  • Google Translate
    • This can be great for translating text, or even live conversations
  • Citymapper
    • Citymapper is an intuitive app that can help you navigate cities, much like using an app for directions like Apple Maps, or Google Maps.

Note: Please ensure your application was accepted and your deposit has been paid before you begin to make travel arrangements!